Our story begins about 60 years ago with Serge Lukjan.  Shortly after arriving in America after leaving his home country of Belarus in the wake of WW2 he noticed a need for duct work in the Northern Ohio area.  Being a natural born entrepreneur, with the help several family members.  They started the first Lukjan Metal Products in Conneaut Ohio.  Years past, and Ted our founder was born and grew up working in various Lukjan Metal Products facilities making ductwork since “before he could walk”. He then went on and got his mechanical engineering degree from University of Kentucky and held a couple jobs out of school including working on oil rigs.  But nothing felt quite right.  So, in 1988 at the age of 25 he set out on his own and started Shape Manufacturing.

In 1992, Ted was blessed with a son named Grant Lukjan.  Who also has a passion for the industry, like many in his family.  To teach him not only manufacturing but life lessons about hard work.  Ted had him working in the shop manufacturing floor from a young age.  Grant then took these lessons and thrived in other manufacturing environments before fully rejoining the company in July 2018 on our 30thanniversary after completing his master’s in business administration.  He is now working in the role of Business Development.  Bringing the fourth generation of Lukjans fully into the fold of ductwork.

Our Mission is simple:

“As a family with centuries of combined experience in ductwork manufacturing.  We want to provide the ductwork contractors need.  When it’s needed, where it’s needed, to as many people as possible.”

Ductwork From Our Family To Your Jobsite

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